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Daoist bed chamber


How to do Daoist Sex

In Taoist sex it is important to not ejaculate. “If a man has intercourse without ejaculating his vital Essence is strengthened. If he does this twice his hearing and vision are made clearer. If three times, all his physical illnesses will disappear. The fourth time he will begin to find inner peace. The fifth time his blood will circulate powerfully. The sixth time his genitals will gain new prowess. The seventh time his thighs and buttocks will start to firm up. By the eighth time his face and body will look younger and he will glow with good health. The ninth time his life span will lengthen.” I have even read texts that even go as far as to say ” his hair will start to turn black and his teeth will begin to grow out”.  The texts might have exaggerated the importance of not ejaculating but they do make their point clear. Taoists have Long known the importance of conserving the semen.

Why ejaculating is so energy consuming

In An average ejaculate there are 50-250 million sperm cells. So if each sperm actually get to fertilise an egg then 10-15 times of Ejaculation by one virile man can repopulate the entire  planet earth. Probably this was how the Adam Theory  came about!  Every one of these sperm cells contains soul power and is capable of producing a new human being.
Every time you ejaculate your body assumes it is going to create a new life. Your body does not understand the concept of “sex of fun”. You can’t just tell your body to not overwork and give its all because this time you are just having fun.   So all your glands and organs and bodily cells act accordingly to give their ultimate best to try and seed a new life. And to reproduce themselves.  All of these sperm have soul power and require raw material. You or the totality of you, are the raw material condensed into two or three teaspoons of liquid milk that is your Jing or your ejaculate in this factory of sperm production.

So even though your body produces and replenishes a large amount of sperm every day it still makes sense to try not to waste it and instead use it to recharge your own body promoting your own health, well being and spiritual growth.

And in many species not just humans, once the seed has been lost the body of the animal starts to deteriorate. Salmon for example die soon after spawning. So do plants once they have seeded. Seasoned gardeners will therefore try to keep their plants for seeding if they want them to live longer.

If you are planning to do this non Ejaculation sex to 1/ get good health 2/ have multiple  orgasms to please yourself or your partner then you should go another step further and learn sex Chi Kung or sex Kung fu to transmute the Jing power or the soul power in your genitals. Otherwise you will ache in the testicles from “dead Jing” accumulating. For those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and enlarged prostate they will need to consult their Doctors before trying or consult a very good sex Kung fu master to show him how to transmute Jing power into health and spiritual restoration. Some of these masters are found in Taiwan or China.

So unless you are planning to have children it is better to do intercourse without ejaculating.




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Originally founded by Mantak Chia of Tao Gardens/ Chiang Mai.  It was there that I took a karsai course in 2009.  Here karsai students are taught how to do karsai neitsang on both males and females.  But before teaching you how to do karsai therapy i.e. manhood therapy you need to know chi neitsang therapy.  Chi Nei tsang means internal organ massage.

Working predominantly on the abdomen to clear large and small intestines kidneys; bladder; and the gastric.  It was taught that by first clearing the energy from the abdoment chi can then flow to the lower regions to revitalize and recharge thereof.

It is believed that blockages in our bodies are due to a sedentary lifestyle, incompatible foods that are too high in sugar and fats, stress in our daily life can eventually take a toll on our health, our looks and our mental clarity.

In the case of men, the concern is even greater, because in  the moment we see our sex life affected we begin to become aware of what happens in our genitals: Impotence, lack of sperm, difficulty urinating …

Our organs store sensations, vivid traumas and different types of blockages. Blocks of our lymphatic and blood systems; Blockages that cause malfunctions especially in the kidneys, bladder, spleen, pancreas, lungs, prostate, testicles, uterus or vagina; Tendon and muscle blockages, and energy blockages.

The force of gravity and our sedentary lives make the toxins, which can not find its way out, deposited in the lower areas of our body: our genitals and legs.
The Karsai works on the genital area, undoing any obstruction located in veins and capillaries and derived from the sedimentation of crystals, heavy metals, residues or fats not eliminated by the body. As long as the genitals lack good circulation, men will have problems maintaining a firm erection and as well as the segregation of sexual fluids.

In  Karsai neitsang the therapist applies a series of small circular movements over different areas, releasing the tiny sand like blockages in the vessels and in the capillaries, unlocking emotions and eliminating toxins.  Clockwise circles to energize and anti clockwise circles to decrease or take out whatever that may be hindering flow.

When this happens you can see improvement in  the hormonal balance.  By clearing out these blockages, you can help lessen prostate issues like prostate infection or prostate cancer, weak urine flow, irritable bowel syndrome.  In this way  we can also protect ourselves against many problems associated with age: memory loss, back pain, poor circulation, disorders related to menopause.

Another advantage of this method is that the “patient”, over time, becomes a student, learns the self-massage system and is not dependent on his therapist.


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Treating Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

If you have been diagnosed with ED your doctor will likely recommend an oral medication such as  viagra,  cialis, or  Levitra.  These prescription medications help improve blood flow to the penis and are generally well tolerated by most men.

However those having diabetes should find that these drugs should  not severely interact negatively  with your insulin medication such as metformin.

Although there are other ED treatments such as pumps and penile implants you may want to try an oral medication first.  These other treatments typically aren’t as effective and may cause additional complications.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction

There are several lifestyle changes that you can make to not only help with diabetes management but also to lower your risk of ED you can:-

Control your blood sugar through your diet.  Eating a diabetes friendly diet will help you better control your blood sugar levels and lessen the amount of damage to your blood vessels and your nerves.  A proper diet geared at keeping your  blood sugar levels in check can also improve your energy levels and mood both of which can help reduce the risk of an erectile dysfunction.  You may consider working with a nutritionist who is also a diabetes educator to help adjust your eating style.

Cut back on alcohol intake  Drinking more than two drinks per day can damage your blood vessels and contribute to ED.  Being even mildly intoxicated can also make it harder to achieve an erection and can interfere with sexual function.

Stop smoking.  Smoking narrows the blood vessels and decreases the levels of nitric oxide in your blood.  This decreases blood flow to the penis, worsening erectile dysfunction.

Get active.    Not only can adding regular exercises to your routine help you control your blood sugar levels, but it can also help improve circulation, lower stress levels and improve your energy levels and all these can help diminish ED and help bring your mojo back.

Get More Sleep.  Fatigue is often to blame for Sexual dysfunction.  Ensuring that you get enough sleep each night can also help lower your risk of ED

Keep your stress level down.  –  That is “Take it Easy”  Stress can interfere with sexual arousal and your ability to get an erection.  Exercise, meditation and setting aside time to do the things that you enjoy can help to keep your stress levels down and lessen ED.  If you are developing symptoms of anxiety or depression consult your doctor and they may be able to direct you to a therapist who can help you work through anything that is causing you stress.

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Erection helpers

Erection aids

Viagra and levitra should be tahen 1 hour before intercourse and 
can last effectively 7-8 hours and in actively for up to 36 hours. 
They are affected by food and alcohol. That is too much food and alcohol 
can inhibit their effectiveness.

Cialis need to be take 2 hours before intercourse and is unaffected by 
food and lasts  12 hours or so.  

These drugs may lose their efficacy if the man takes them continuously 
for 2-5 years.

Other ED options that are available are:-

Intracavernous injections
Vacuum devices
Penile prosthetic implant - semi rigid and inflatable

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To understand how these drugs work we need to understand the 
mechanism of an erection.  Basically  in this rising of an erection 
two enzymes come into play.  One is the penile hardening enzyme called 
cGMP  -guanosinemonophosphate.  The other enzyme which is the penile 
softening enzyme is called phosphodiesterase or pde5.  
Why do pde5 exists?    Pde5 exists to regulate erection 
because a man is not supposed to be perpetually erect.  The flaccid penis 
is the natural state.

When a man gets sexually aroused his brain sends a signal to cGMP 
to cause the red blood cells to release nitric oxide to  cause smooth
 muscles in the penis to relax and subsequently engorged. 
 So after an orgasm the brain then sends another signal to turn 
down the production of the cGMP.  Then the Pde5 can complete its 
regulation of an erection and the penis returns to its natural state.    

And if this pde5 is too active in a man or there are just 
too many in your body it will reduce the cGMP levels in the body 
and make it difficult to achieve a usable  erection. So the aim of 
these drugs is to block or inhibit the function of the pde5 
- the penile softening enzyme.

Side effects
Most of of the pde5 are found in the genitalia of the man. 
That being said, there are minute amounts found in other parts 
of the body, face,  stomach, intestines, blood vessels of the brain 
even in the erectile tissues of the nose.  The effect of Pde5 inhibitor
on all these areas is the same and makes the smooth muscles relax.
So the drug works in every organ that contains pde5. Relaxing the 
smooth muscles. That may be what you are hoping only  in your penis. 
The effect however is the same for all these organs in the body and to 
prolong the effect of cGMP and make smooth muscles relax.  
In the brain however it causes headaches, in the nose 
nasal stuffiness, in the face flushing, in the eyes blurred vision 
and a bluish/greenish tinge to your sight. It can also cause 
vascular dilation and a precipitious drop in the blood pressure 
especially if taken  with alcohol, or combined with blood pressure 
medications or alpha blockers. The risks are not to be ignored in older 
men with low blood pressure or very high blood pressure. 
These people should try and avoid these drugs.

These drugs work well in relatively healthy men and do not work well in  
men with diabetes or those with low testosterone levels or 
in men who have damaged nerve after a radical prostatectomy. They 
are not so effective in diabetics because it is harder for 
diabetics' smooth muscles to relax as they have a higher and tigther tone 
in their smooth muscles and the effect of cGMP caused by these Pde5 drugs 
may not be enough to create and prolong erection.  These drugs are 
also not so effective in those with low testosterone because when 
the blood testosterone is low it is harder for the cells to relax.  Until  
hormonal imbalance is corrected the drugs will not have enough effect  
to correct the ED problem.   Another disadvantage with the drug is for 
it to work a man has to be sexually aroused.
There are some novel ED drugs available that can cause an erection 
without the man feeling aroused.

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Rainbow shaped penis

Penile curvature or Peyronie's disease caused by hard tissues
mainly scar tissues in the penis causing it to bend and curve 
during an erection.  This curvature may be slight and unnoticeable 
if less than 5° or in severe cases more than 35°.   It is 
believed that this symptom is caused by some previous trauma.  
If there had been no obvious trauma then it may have been acquired 
through rigorous  sexual intercourse that caused minute scar 
tissues to form  
over several episodes of sexual activity. 

During sexual excitement  the penis filled is with blood and 
starts to elongate and stretch and  then starts to erect.  However 
the scarred area of the penis is not as elastic as the rest of 
the penis and cannot stretch and as a result a curve is bent around 
the plaque of scar tissue. Depending on the location of the scar it may  
influence the way it curve upwards or downwards. If there are equal 
amount of scar tissue above the penile shaft as well as below the then 
it may even out and not curve at all.

The problem usually starts with a pain in the penis and the feeling of 
a bump on the  shaft.  The man will notice a curve starting to appear 
either upward downward or side way.  Usually it will jot go away on its 
own.  If the curvature is severe enough to cause pain to the man or to
 his partner, there are treatments  that can correct this problem.

Other factors that may have caused it can be circumcision, or using a 

Doctor's Treatment :-  Very tiny multiple injections over 6 weeks to 
2 years may help to dissolve the internal collagen of the scars 
and lessen the scars but this not  guaranteed. There are four 
or five other treatment /surgeries your doctor can do 
to straighten out the shaft.
Oral drugs are also available to straighten the chordee of the 
rainbow shaped penis.  If the injections and the oral drugs do 
not work then  there are several different surgeries available to 
straighten it .  But beware  some of them may significantly shorten 
the length of the penis.
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Hi, thank you for visiting my site and I hope you can find information that is useful to you.

I am Anna Lee writer  of this blog.  Please allow me to introduce my self – I am a manhood optimization therapist, detox body therapist.  Please visit my working website regarding my therapies, treatments, location, number.

I am a therapist helping improve mens health, detox, health coach,  – 65-84334199.

My therapies can help improve fertility, sperm count, erection hardness, stamina and prolong erection.  Wives or partners if you wish to improve your husbands performance you may bring him to see me for a treatment.  You can sit in to watch.

My blog is meant to be informative, instructive, insightful and above all entertaining and are not meant to replace medical advice from your health practitioner.

I  plan to do regular updates on interesting men’s related stuff regarding health, looks, thoughts energy etc.  So please do check back often.

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BLOOD IN SEMEN Hematospermia

Blood in ejaculation (hematospermia)

Blood in the semen does not necessarily signal a major medical problem. 
For younger men blood in the urine tend to resolve by itself without any 
treatment. For older men this could be infection or inflammation of the 
tubes and glands that carry sperm into the penis like the seminal vesicles,
 vas deferens or even the prostate. This can also be an STD or 
sexually transmitted disease or an UTI urinary tract infection.
Further causes can be trauma to the pelvic region or from a medical 
procedure which can lead to temporary bleeding. This can disappear after 
a few days your doctor can be consulted for assessment. Radiation, 
vasectomy, hemmorhoid treatment,  excessive masturbation, excessive 
vigorous sexual activity can also cause blood in the semen.

Having an enlarged prostate can cause the prostate to squeeze the 
urethra can also be linked to blood in the semen. 

Other obstruction to the tubes and glands in the reproductive or 
urinal region like kidneys, urethra  can also cause blood in the semen. 

Other medical conditions like leukemia, unusually elevated high blood
 pressure, liver damage can also produce the symptom or blood in the urine.

It is not known how common this symptom is because most men do not 
tend to look  at their ejaculatory fluid.  

To diagnose blood in the semen your doctor may do a urinalysis to 
check for infection in the urinary tract.  A blood test can also be 
taken to check the PSA - prostate specific antigen to check for enlarged 
prostate and subsequently do a biopsy to check for prostate infection.
Treatment can include antibiotic or subsequently a biopsy.
If the patient has repeated episodes of blood in the semen coupled with 
painful urination or painful ejaculation then a urologist 
should be consulted.  It is generally a good idea to check this health
symptom if it get chronic (longer then 3 months) as it may eventually 
infect the kidneys and the bladder.

Disclaimer!  I am not a medical professional.  
Nothing on this site  is  meant to replace medical advice. 
Please contact your doctor about your health.

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BHP enlarged prostate

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The Prostate Gland

Prostatic Gland

It is a glandular part of the reproductive system.  
It sits underneath the bladder, embraces the urethra 
(the tube that drains urine and semen out of the body). 
And shares the same membrane wall as the rectum.  
This men gland consists of several glandular lobes and is 
encased in a membrane called the stroma.  Part of the urethra tube  
passes through the prostate and is known as the prostatic urethra.

Sitting next to the prostatic gland there are  
other glands all connected in the production and 
draining of reproductive fluids, the seminal vesicles, 
cowpers glands, and the vas deferences.  

In general most men's prostate gland tend to  grow as they grow older.  
In a baby the prostate weighs just  a few grams.  
It grows under hormonal influence just at pre-puberty and in the mid life.  In pre puberty under the increase production of testosterone and in mid life it may be due to hormonal  imbalances between estrogen and testosterone production.  Men with low testosterone are more prone to enlarge prostate. Possibly can be due to estrogen production  remaining the same as the testosterone production drops. In a man estrogen is produced in the adrenal glands sitting above the kidneys.  Because generally speaking estrogen is a growth hormone.

Most men are for most part of their life not even aware 
they have this gland until it starts giving them discomfort and even pain.

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