Prostatic Gland

Prostatic Gland

It is a glandular part of the reproductive system. 
It sits underneath the bladder, embraces the urethra 
(the tube that drains urine and semen out of the body). 
And shares the same membrane wall as the rectum.  
This men gland consists of several glandular lobes and is 
encased in a membrane called e stroma.  
Part of the urethra tube  passes through the prostate 
and is known as the prostatic urethra.

Sitting next to the prostatic gland there are  
other glands all connected in he production and draining 
of the reproductive fluis, the seminal vesicles, cowpers glands, 
and the vas deferences.  

In general most men's prostate gland tend to  grow as they grow older.  
In a baby the prostate weighs just  a few grams.  
It grows under hormonal influence just at pre-puberty  
and in the mid life.  In pre-puberty under the increase 
production of testosterone and in mid life it may be due 
to hormonal imbalances between estrogen and testosterone production. 
Men with low testosterone are more prone to enlarge prostate. 
Possibly can be due to estrogen production  remaining the same 
as the testosterone production drops. In a man estrogen is produced 
in the adrenal glands which are sitting above the kidneys.  
Because theoretically speaking estrogen is a growth hormone.

Most men are for most part of their life not even aware they have 
this gland until it starts giving them discomfort and even pain.


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