Posted by: Karsai manhoodtherapies | January 25, 2018

Sex and Awareness

One of my Teachers is a shaman of South American descent. He is what you would call a “master of awareness “.

What is Awareness?
Awareness is not exactly knowledge but a kind of feeling. Like in your office you kind of felt two of your colleagues were in a relationship but they were totally discreet and totally no tell tale sign yet you”felt” they had a thing going on. Then finally one day they announce their engagement or wedding or something like that and you were totally not surprised. Yet how did you know. You would say “I have no idea”. You were aware.

When a baby is born he has minimal awareness apart from hot and cold and hunger and discomfort. He hones this awareness expanding it as he grows older. Still a child’s awareness is minimal compared to ours. Hence the saying “like taking a candy from a child”. We call that innocence or naive.

My shaman teacher could see the flow of energy in the world. He says that when two people make love he can see their energy fields undergoing great agitation. The end result of this lovemaking would be each energy field will break off from both partners’ greater energy field or auras to merge to be bestowed on the new human being should conception take place. Sex will kind of deplete our energy field. Regardless if you do non Ejaculation sex or not. Our energy field is our field of awareness. If conception does not take place it disappears or get eaten by beings who feed on awareness. I have no idea. He never mentioned this aspect.

You can check this for yourself. If you have a night of heavy duty lovemaking with a partner or several partners you will find the next day it’s like very difficult to focus and concentrate. Some masters will say “oh it’s because sex juice flows to the genitals from the brain when we do a lot of sex we lose brain juices as well”. But my shaman teacher says our energy field get depleted. Our awareness lessen. We are like trees when we do sex we get pruned. When we don’t our floral grows back and the tree becomes like what it was before big and bushy. It’s not permanent.

Some people I am sure you have heard of these people who may be Chi Kung masters or fengshui masters or tai Chi masters and their awareness is so superb. One such verifiable living master is Dr Jean Pierre Barral an osteopath from France.  He was with the Upledger Institute and he developed the course visceral manipulation. With Upledger Institute I did the course cranio-sacral, lymphatic drainage and visceral manipulation at Green Partners.  His Kung fu I heard was so good he could touch you or see you and tell all your medical history from the day you were born eg what major sicknesses you had, what surgery and at what age etc. He is still alive and still conducting courses.



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