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Daoist bed chamber


How to do Daoist Sex

In Taoist sex it is important to not ejaculate. “If a man has intercourse without ejaculating his vital Essence is strengthened. If he does this twice his hearing and vision are made clearer. If three times, all his physical illnesses will disappear. The fourth time he will begin to find inner peace. The fifth time his blood will circulate powerfully. The sixth time his genitals will gain new prowess. The seventh time his thighs and buttocks will start to firm up. By the eighth time his face and body will look younger and he will glow with good health. The ninth time his life span will lengthen.” I have even read texts that even go as far as to say ” his hair will start to turn black and his teeth will begin to grow out”.  The texts might have exaggerated the importance of not ejaculating but they do make their point clear. Taoists have Long known the importance of conserving the semen.

Why ejaculating is so energy consuming

In An average ejaculate there are 50-250 million sperm cells. So if each sperm actually get to fertilise an egg then 10-15 times of Ejaculation by one virile man can repopulate the entire  planet earth. Probably this was how the Adam Theory  came about!  Every one of these sperm cells contains soul power and is capable of producing a new human being.
Every time you ejaculate your body assumes it is going to create a new life. Your body does not understand the concept of “sex of fun”. You can’t just tell your body to not overwork and give its all because this time you are just having fun.   So all your glands and organs and bodily cells act accordingly to give their ultimate best to try and seed a new life. And to reproduce themselves.  All of these sperm have soul power and require raw material. You or the totality of you, are the raw material condensed into two or three teaspoons of liquid milk that is your Jing or your ejaculate in this factory of sperm production.

So even though your body produces and replenishes a large amount of sperm every day it still makes sense to try not to waste it and instead use it to recharge your own body promoting your own health, well being and spiritual growth.

And in many species not just humans, once the seed has been lost the body of the animal starts to deteriorate. Salmon for example die soon after spawning. So do plants once they have seeded. Seasoned gardeners will therefore try to keep their plants for seeding if they want them to live longer.

If you are planning to do this non Ejaculation sex to 1/ get good health 2/ have multiple  orgasms to please yourself or your partner then you should go another step further and learn sex Chi Kung or sex Kung fu to transmute the Jing power or the soul power in your genitals. Otherwise you will ache in the testicles from “dead Jing” accumulating. For those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and enlarged prostate they will need to consult their Doctors before trying or consult a very good sex Kung fu master to show him how to transmute Jing power into health and spiritual restoration. Some of these masters are found in Taiwan or China.

So unless you are planning to have children it is better to do intercourse without ejaculating.





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