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Originally founded by Mantak Chia of Tao Gardens/ Chiang Mai.  It was there that I took a karsai course in 2009.  Here karsai students are taught how to do karsai neitsang on both males and females.  But before teaching you how to do karsai therapy i.e. manhood therapy you need to know chi neitsang therapy.  Chi Nei tsang means internal organ massage.

Working predominantly on the abdomen to clear large and small intestines kidneys; bladder; and the gastric.  It was taught that by first clearing the energy from the abdoment chi can then flow to the lower regions to revitalize and recharge thereof.

It is believed that blockages in our bodies are due to a sedentary lifestyle, incompatible foods that are too high in sugar and fats, stress in our daily life can eventually take a toll on our health, our looks and our mental clarity.

In the case of men, the concern is even greater, because in  the moment we see our sex life affected we begin to become aware of what happens in our genitals: Impotence, lack of sperm, difficulty urinating …

Our organs store sensations, vivid traumas and different types of blockages. Blocks of our lymphatic and blood systems; Blockages that cause malfunctions especially in the kidneys, bladder, spleen, pancreas, lungs, prostate, testicles, uterus or vagina; Tendon and muscle blockages, and energy blockages.

The force of gravity and our sedentary lives make the toxins, which can not find its way out, deposited in the lower areas of our body: our genitals and legs.
The Karsai works on the genital area, undoing any obstruction located in veins and capillaries and derived from the sedimentation of crystals, heavy metals, residues or fats not eliminated by the body. As long as the genitals lack good circulation, men will have problems maintaining a firm erection and as well as the segregation of sexual fluids.

In  Karsai neitsang the therapist applies a series of small circular movements over different areas, releasing the tiny sand like blockages in the vessels and in the capillaries, unlocking emotions and eliminating toxins.  Clockwise circles to energize and anti clockwise circles to decrease or take out whatever that may be hindering flow.

When this happens you can see improvement in  the hormonal balance.  By clearing out these blockages, you can help lessen prostate issues like prostate infection or prostate cancer, weak urine flow, irritable bowel syndrome.  In this way  we can also protect ourselves against many problems associated with age: memory loss, back pain, poor circulation, disorders related to menopause.

Another advantage of this method is that the “patient”, over time, becomes a student, learns the self-massage system and is not dependent on his therapist.



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