Posted by: Karsai manhoodtherapies | May 31, 2017

Rainbow shaped penis

Penile curvature or Peyronie's disease caused by hard tissues
mainly scar tissues in the penis causing it to bend and curve 
during an erection.  This curvature may be slight and unnoticeable 
if less than 5° or in severe cases more than 35°.   It is 
believed that this symptom is caused by some previous trauma.  
If there had been no obvious trauma then it may have been acquired 
through rigorous  sexual intercourse that caused minute scar 
tissues to form  
over several episodes of sexual activity. 

During sexual excitement  the penis filled is with blood and 
starts to elongate and stretch and  then starts to erect.  However 
the scarred area of the penis is not as elastic as the rest of 
the penis and cannot stretch and as a result a curve is bent around 
the plaque of scar tissue. Depending on the location of the scar it may  
influence the way it curve upwards or downwards. If there are equal 
amount of scar tissue above the penile shaft as well as below the then 
it may even out and not curve at all.

The problem usually starts with a pain in the penis and the feeling of 
a bump on the  shaft.  The man will notice a curve starting to appear 
either upward downward or side way.  Usually it will jot go away on its 
own.  If the curvature is severe enough to cause pain to the man or to
 his partner, there are treatments  that can correct this problem.

Other factors that may have caused it can be circumcision, or using a 

Doctor's Treatment :-  Very tiny multiple injections over 6 weeks to 
2 years may help to dissolve the internal collagen of the scars 
and lessen the scars but this not  guaranteed. There are four 
or five other treatment /surgeries your doctor can do 
to straighten out the shaft.
Oral drugs are also available to straighten the chordee of the 
rainbow shaped penis.  If the injections and the oral drugs do 
not work then  there are several different surgeries available to 
straighten it .  But beware  some of them may significantly shorten 
the length of the penis.

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