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BHP – what to do

The main health issues with the prostate are:-

BHP  enlarged prostate  benign prostate hyperplasia
Prostatic infection - bacterial and non bacterial
Prostate tumor
Prostate cancer

BHP  enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

For many older men urinating can become quite troublesome 
due to a blockage caused by an enlarged prostate. This is known as BHP.  
This condition not only interferes with the urine process but can go 
on to becoming more serious and causing kidney stones, urogenital infection.
The problem may range from having frequent urination  especially at night, 
weak urine flow, low urine volume and the feeling that the bladder is always
quite not empty.
Diet and lifestyle may contribute to an enlarged prostate, inertia, not
enough exercise, too much fatty meaty foods, processed foods and maybe
Many surgeries can be done to correct an enlarged prostate, laser, 
heating, freezing and the more common procedure is called TURP - 
transurethral resection of the prostate. This requires general anesthesia, 
hospital stay and the use of a  foley catheter for a day or two.  
In this surgery the enlarged prostate is being shaved and the chips 
are washed away and some will be taken away  for biopsy.  And sometimes  
in a small percentage of men repeat operation  may be require several years 
in the future.

 Another operation less invasive and is done  under local anesthesia is 
known as the urolift. Where the surgeon  insert tack like implants to pin 
the prostate up against its own wall membrane lifting it up  to allow more 
space for the urethra to allow better urine flow. This procedure is less 
invasive than most others. 

This is more flexible as it is a day procedure, not so invasive and the
tack like implants can be removed anytime if the patient so wish. Best of
all this will leave your sexual and urinal performance intact.  Unlike
some other procedure, the sexual performance afterwards
may be changed that is the man can no longer ejaculate like
before although orgasm is still 
possible but it will be a dry retrograde ejaculation.

As with any surgical procedure always 
seek out the surgeons who has had the most hands on experience to 
get better results.
 Disclaimer! I am not a medical please check with your doctor for your
 health issues.

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