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chakrasor teaching your partner to do prostate massage for you:-

Benefits of prostate massage

1) eliminates fluids from tbe prostate gland and can help with enlarged prostate or prostate infection
2) the prostate is also a psychic gland according to some tantric practitioners and can help your creativity as well as open up your psychic channels or clairvoyance and sensitivity.

Things to observe when doing a prostate massage :-
. Palm is facing upward your partner can use her middle or index finger
. Use gloves or finger cots because the nails may carry some germs and there may be some inadvertent scratching. You can get both from any Pharmacy.
. use lubricant
. Always keep moving or massaging if your partner stops you may feel discomfort

When I do prostate massage i would gently insert the finger into the anus until i feel the “roof” which is the prostate. It feels softish and firm. If the client has prostate infection you may feel hard nodules. Then you do a firmer massage to smooth away the nodules.
When I feel the roof I would start massaging in circular movements. When I do that I can feel the prostate running away and receding deeper into the body. I have to “chase” the prostate and move my finger deeper into the crevice of the clients body. At this point I may feel fluids coming out. Some people do not respond to circular movements and may instead respond to sideway movements. Everyone is different.

A healthy ptostate is smaller if your prostate is small then your partner may need to delve in very deep to feel it. As men get older the prostate tend to become more enlarged and sag.

Food plays a major role in how healthy your prostate is. If you eat well or consume lots of fibre and  move your bowels regularly that can help the prostate. Men with enlarged prostate tend to also have IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.

Men with enlarged prostate may complain of dribbly urine, feeling of bladder still full even after urinating. Pain or aching feeling in the perineum. And having to wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night to urinate.

Prostate massage combined with ejaculation:-

This purportedly gives that intense feeling. Your partner can also use a massager.

When you receive such a prostate massage from me some of my clients can feel the intense feeling going up the spine and out through your crown chakra giving you that intense bliss that the yogis talk about

There  is this Super cute doctor, a urologist, he says that when he does prostate massage to his clients, some of them may even ejaculate during the massage. Maybe that is because he’s too Super cute. He’s written a book on “Holistic prostate cancer cure”.  In it he says

“Although a man with prostate disease is not likely to want to think about this point too much, the prostate gland is also a sexual organ. It is sensitive to stimulation and plays a important role intel earl sensations of orgasm.  Some men have discovered his for the first time while having a digital rectal exam at the doctor’s office.  It’s not unusual for my patient to become aroused or even to ejaculate during a DRE.  The prostate has been even called “the maleG-spot”.









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The Kama sutra which is sometimes known as the Indian sex bible written by Vatsyayana in the 15th century. Here you will find three types of men according to their genital size :- The Rabbit (small), the Bull (medium) and the Horse (large).  Three different animals were used to label women as well depending upon the depth of their respective genitalia. For the women Kama sutra has the deer, cow and elephant.

And accordingly here were three equal unions between persons of comparable dimensions :-

And six unequal ones


“The woman places herself on all fours on the ground in the posture of the cow ready for theBull’s assault. This is the portion of the Cow. Vatsyayana advised “In the same fashion one can imitate other animals mounting the woman like an ass, playing with her like a cat, attacking like a tiger, stamping like an elephant, pawing the ground like a pig and riding horse fashion. Thus one learns a thousand ways to copulate.

You are also told to mimic the insect world. There are four kinds of mild embrace, four more kinds that were more passionate, five kinds of kisses, eight kinds of oral intercourse, and nine ways of moving the Lingam inside the yoni. Everything about sex you can learn in this book like sex with several women (herd of cows), to male and female homosexuality to bestiality to adultery to transvestism to violence was described and approved.

There is also a section on “the art of scratching and biting”. Not playfully but seriously drawing blood and leaving marks. There were four ways of biting, there is also the art of blows and clawing.  With the side of the hand with the palm of the hand, with the fist and with the ends of the fingers joined. The woman sighs under the blows because they hurt and excite her. But he cautions ” One must know in all cases when to stop if there is a risk mutilation and death.

Sex is the tantric path to the divine. It is thus a religious duty and one of the many ways to connect to the divine. It is not one that would put you straight into there with the infinite but certainly one of the least difficult and most pleasurable ways of improving your karma 🙂

Lastly Kama sutra offer tonic medicines, and ways of enlarging The lingam and experiments and recipes.

EG. Mix garlic root with white pepper and licorice when drunk with honeyed milk.  It enhances vitality. Another said a man who wishes to copulate the whole night must get a great number of eggs so that he may eat to excess, and fry them with fresh fat and butter, when done he immerses them in honey working the whole mass well together. He should eat them as much possible with a little bread. And he may be certain that for the whole night his member will not give him any rest. It is also advised that boiling goats testicles in Sugared milk will also accomplish the same thing.

In another recipe the readers are advised that “camels milk mixed with honey and taken regularly develops a vigour for copulation which is unaccountable and cause the virile member to be on the alert night and day.

This was what was written 1,500 years ago. When India was more liberal and less inhibited. This must be how the Hindus lived in those days.





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Emperor Huang Ti (2680BC) or the Yellow Emperor was credited with the founding of today’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He was the first to publicise about Yin and Yang energies especially during intercourse and to enhance both male and female essences during the act. This is the basis of the alchemy of turning the cinnabar Into gold and consequently the secret of attaining Immortality. While doing this he kept a harem of over a thousand women who were his bed companions frequently many of them at the same thing time every night.

Emperor Huang Ti also wrote several books on sex like “The Classic of the Plain Girl” sometimes also known as “The Golden Lotus”. The book was a record of various conversations about sex he had with three women.

The illustrious Emperor being the founder of traditional Chinese medicine also wrote “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine ” or Huang Ti Neijing.

He was well versed in sex poems in which he offered ten styles of intercourse with names like:-

The Crouching Tiger
The Crickets Clasp
The Worm that moves its head back and forth
The deer that lifts its horns
The Phoenix spreads its wings
The Climbing Monkey
The Running Hare
The Toad
The Dragonfly
The Eating Bill

Those that have read his works will probably remember that he also wrote


“I have tasted all the medicinal herbs,
I have drunk every tonic and potion.
And now all I need for my health is the juice of a young girl.”


TCM addresses health and sexual issues like infertility, impotency, semen strength, premature ejaculation,and especially the control is Ejaculation and the retention of semen. Unlike say the Indian’s Ayurveda TCM also uses many animal parts as its ingredients like tiger bones, rhinoceros horns, insects, bear, sharks, reptiles, seahorse, deer horns etc.

Huang Ti neijing devoted an entire chapter to Semen retention. Like all natural herbal therapies do not expect immediate results. The motto for herbal therapy like homeopathy, and Ayurveda is “slowly but surely”. The herbs to increase potency, must be taken over an extended period of time to see desired effects. Since Herbalogy do not use artificial chemicals or ingredients they have to work gracefully and naturally with the body’s glandular system and circulatory system. It may take 3-6 months of regular consumption to see enhancement in potency and health.

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Sex and Awareness

One of my Teachers is a shaman of South American descent. He is what you would call a “master of awareness “.

What is Awareness?
Awareness is not exactly knowledge but a kind of feeling. Like in your office you kind of felt two of your colleagues were in a relationship but they were totally discreet and totally no tell tale sign yet you”felt” they had a thing going on. Then finally one day they announce their engagement or wedding or something like that and you were totally not surprised. Yet how did you know. You would say “I have no idea”. You were aware.

When a baby is born he has minimal awareness apart from hot and cold and hunger and discomfort. He hones this awareness expanding it as he grows older. Still a child’s awareness is minimal compared to ours. Hence the saying “like taking a candy from a child”. We call that innocence or naive.

My shaman teacher could see the flow of energy in the world. He says that when two people make love he can see their energy fields undergoing great agitation. The end result of this lovemaking would be each energy field will break off from both partners’ greater energy field or auras to merge to be bestowed on the new human being should conception take place. Sex will kind of deplete our energy field. Regardless if you do non Ejaculation sex or not. Our energy field is our field of awareness. If conception does not take place it disappears or get eaten by beings who feed on awareness. I have no idea. He never mentioned this aspect.

You can check this for yourself. If you have a night of heavy duty lovemaking with a partner or several partners you will find the next day it’s like very difficult to focus and concentrate. Some masters will say “oh it’s because sex juice flows to the genitals from the brain when we do a lot of sex we lose brain juices as well”. But my shaman teacher says our energy field get depleted. Our awareness lessen. We are like trees when we do sex we get pruned. When we don’t our floral grows back and the tree becomes like what it was before big and bushy. It’s not permanent.

Some people I am sure you have heard of these people who may be Chi Kung masters or fengshui masters or tai Chi masters and their awareness is so superb. One such verifiable living master is Dr Jean Pierre Barral an osteopath from France.  He was with the Upledger Institute and he developed the course visceral manipulation. With Upledger Institute I did the course cranio-sacral, lymphatic drainage and visceral manipulation at Green Partners.  His Kung fu I heard was so good he could touch you or see you and tell all your medical history from the day you were born eg what major sicknesses you had, what surgery and at what age etc. He is still alive and still conducting courses.


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Not everyone is equally sexed

Your energy level is determined largely by the energy level and the emotional mood  of your parents when they had sex and you were conceived. If they had vigorous sex and were happy and loving and you got conceived (lucky you) you will have boundless energy all your life. People like this can do whatever they want with their sex energy because they have lots to spare.

If you were conceived when your parents had boring sex and they were tired as well you will be born like that. Bored and tired. These people should try and conserve what little energy they have.

If your parents were “on the run” like maybe a partner was out of prison or they did it in the office pantry during office hours or in the graveyard or somewhere equally exotic or they had illicit sex and you were conceived then you will be born wild and restless always on the run looking for extreme adventure or something like that.

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Sex and Longevity


The Taoist had extensive literature on sex. There was a saying “the king has 1000 concubines and he can cultivate to be an immortal. THe common man has one Wife and he dies an early death”. This shows the Taoist believe that a man can use the sex of women to rejuvenate himself.

In some literature it is said that an old man if he knows how to cultivate can have sex with young girls to rejuvenate himself. Like an old plant you cut it and graft it onto a young plant and lo and behold the old plant becomes young again.

There was in China a man by the name of Li Qin Yun born in 1678 AD he was a herbalist and skilled in Chi Kung.   imageHe lived  to be 250 years old. In his last days he was very famous appearing even in the New York Times. Then maybe he really died or to get out of the limelight he faked his own death no one knows. At the peak of his fame he just “died”. Some say he went deep into the forest with a handful of his disciples to cultivate and to avoid distraction.

He had 14 wives but because he lived to be so old all his wives died before him. True! Cultivators who cannot attain this feat would be jealous and sneer and say that he lived to be so old and robust because he was unethical and he “vampired ” the energies of his 14 wives causing their deaths. This is very easy to do especially if your partner is totally ignorant of such practices.

I don’t really think so. Li Qin Yun apparently spent a lot of time deep in the forest with his Tao masters and in his later years with his disciples cultivating. I have heard of people living in the forest and live to be centuries old. For example in Thailand many monks go live in mountains by themselves and it is not un common for them to be 200 or even 500 years old. They are called “Ruesi ” or just mountain monks. A “Ruesi” unlike an ordinary monk is allowed to have sex. One of my Teachers a Thai monk, his own teacher a Ruesi lives in northern Thailand living in the mountain and who is 250 and is still alive. If you live deep in the forest you kind of transform your energy into that of a plant , a tree to be precise and it is not unheard of for trees to be 1000 years old. By then you will be taking energy from the planet earth and the celestial stars.

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Ancient Egyptian erectile dysfunction cure

Here  is something I found  from my library:-

To cure erectile dysfunction – ancient Egyptian style (possibly from The Coffin Texts or the Pyramid Texts)

“Dung of a crocodile, a little piece of a placenta of A she ass with sisybrium (a plant?)  7 ‘oipe’ of dung from an antelope, gall of a male goat and virgin fruits of an olive tree. You should heat them with flax stalks, you should recite to it your desire seven times for seven days, you should anoint your phallus with it and you should lie with the woman and you should anoint her breasts  (ie heart) as well.   (P.London-Leiden V13/6-9)


Spell to make a woman come to you


you should write these on a reed leaf and put it under your head. You should go to sleep it makes divination dreams. To make someone dream of you or to send them dreams write her name on the reed leaf with the blood of a “hoopoe”. You should put the hair of the woman inside the leaf and put it on the mouth of the mummy.  You should write on the ground her name saying ” Bring NN the Daughter of NN to the house of the sleeping place in which is NN the son of NN.  (P.London Leiden V17 /1-18)


Pregnancy Test

The standard ancient Egyptian pregnancy test was to make a woman urinate on young plants. If she was pregnant the plants will grow if not the plants will die.

Women  who wanted to find out if they could conceive drank the milk of a woman who had just borne a Son. If they vomitted they were or could become pregnant.




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Daoist bed chamber


How to do Daoist Sex

In Taoist sex it is important to not ejaculate. “If a man has intercourse without ejaculating his vital Essence is strengthened. If he does this twice his hearing and vision are made clearer. If three times, all his physical illnesses will disappear. The fourth time he will begin to find inner peace. The fifth time his blood will circulate powerfully. The sixth time his genitals will gain new prowess. The seventh time his thighs and buttocks will start to firm up. By the eighth time his face and body will look younger and he will glow with good health. The ninth time his life span will lengthen.” I have even read texts that even go as far as to say ” his hair will start to turn black and his teeth will begin to grow out”.  The texts might have exaggerated the importance of not ejaculating but they do make their point clear. Taoists have Long known the importance of conserving the semen.

Why ejaculating is so energy consuming

In An average ejaculate there are 50-250 million sperm cells. So if each sperm actually get to fertilise an egg then 10-15 times of Ejaculation by one virile man can repopulate the entire  planet earth. Probably this was how the Adam Theory  came about!  Every one of these sperm cells contains soul power and is capable of producing a new human being.
Every time you ejaculate your body assumes it is going to create a new life. Your body does not understand the concept of “sex of fun”. You can’t just tell your body to not overwork and give its all because this time you are just having fun.   So all your glands and organs and bodily cells act accordingly to give their ultimate best to try and seed a new life. And to reproduce themselves.  All of these sperm have soul power and require raw material. You or the totality of you, are the raw material condensed into two or three teaspoons of liquid milk that is your Jing or your ejaculate in this factory of sperm production.

So even though your body produces and replenishes a large amount of sperm every day it still makes sense to try not to waste it and instead use it to recharge your own body promoting your own health, well being and spiritual growth.

And in many species not just humans, once the seed has been lost the body of the animal starts to deteriorate. Salmon for example die soon after spawning. So do plants once they have seeded. Seasoned gardeners will therefore try to keep their plants for seeding if they want them to live longer.

If you are planning to do this non Ejaculation sex to 1/ get good health 2/ have multiple  orgasms to please yourself or your partner then you should go another step further and learn sex Chi Kung or sex Kung fu to transmute the Jing power or the soul power in your genitals. Otherwise you will ache in the testicles from “dead Jing” accumulating. For those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and enlarged prostate they will need to consult their Doctors before trying or consult a very good sex Kung fu master to show him how to transmute Jing power into health and spiritual restoration. Some of these masters are found in Taiwan or China.

So unless you are planning to have children it is better to do intercourse without ejaculating.




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Originally founded by Mantak Chia of Tao Gardens/ Chiang Mai.  It was there that I took a karsai course in 2009.  Here karsai students are taught how to do karsai neitsang on both males and females.  But before teaching you how to do karsai therapy i.e. manhood therapy you need to know chi neitsang therapy.  Chi Nei tsang means internal organ massage.

Working predominantly on the abdomen to clear large and small intestines kidneys; bladder; and the gastric.  It was taught that by first clearing the energy from the abdoment chi can then flow to the lower regions to revitalize and recharge thereof.

It is believed that blockages in our bodies are due to a sedentary lifestyle, incompatible foods that are too high in sugar and fats, stress in our daily life can eventually take a toll on our health, our looks and our mental clarity.

In the case of men, the concern is even greater, because in  the moment we see our sex life affected we begin to become aware of what happens in our genitals: Impotence, lack of sperm, difficulty urinating …

Our organs store sensations, vivid traumas and different types of blockages. Blocks of our lymphatic and blood systems; Blockages that cause malfunctions especially in the kidneys, bladder, spleen, pancreas, lungs, prostate, testicles, uterus or vagina; Tendon and muscle blockages, and energy blockages.

The force of gravity and our sedentary lives make the toxins, which can not find its way out, deposited in the lower areas of our body: our genitals and legs.
The Karsai works on the genital area, undoing any obstruction located in veins and capillaries and derived from the sedimentation of crystals, heavy metals, residues or fats not eliminated by the body. As long as the genitals lack good circulation, men will have problems maintaining a firm erection and as well as the segregation of sexual fluids.

In  Karsai neitsang the therapist applies a series of small circular movements over different areas, releasing the tiny sand like blockages in the vessels and in the capillaries, unlocking emotions and eliminating toxins.  Clockwise circles to energize and anti clockwise circles to decrease or take out whatever that may be hindering flow.

When this happens you can see improvement in  the hormonal balance.  By clearing out these blockages, you can help lessen prostate issues like prostate infection or prostate cancer, weak urine flow, irritable bowel syndrome.  In this way  we can also protect ourselves against many problems associated with age: memory loss, back pain, poor circulation, disorders related to menopause.

Another advantage of this method is that the “patient”, over time, becomes a student, learns the self-massage system and is not dependent on his therapist.


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Treating Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

If you have been diagnosed with ED your doctor will likely recommend an oral medication such as  viagra,  cialis, or  Levitra.  These prescription medications help improve blood flow to the penis and are generally well tolerated by most men.

However those having diabetes should find that these drugs should  not severely interact negatively  with your insulin medication such as metformin.

Although there are other ED treatments such as pumps and penile implants you may want to try an oral medication first.  These other treatments typically aren’t as effective and may cause additional complications.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction

There are several lifestyle changes that you can make to not only help with diabetes management but also to lower your risk of ED you can:-

Control your blood sugar through your diet.  Eating a diabetes friendly diet will help you better control your blood sugar levels and lessen the amount of damage to your blood vessels and your nerves.  A proper diet geared at keeping your  blood sugar levels in check can also improve your energy levels and mood both of which can help reduce the risk of an erectile dysfunction.  You may consider working with a nutritionist who is also a diabetes educator to help adjust your eating style.

Cut back on alcohol intake  Drinking more than two drinks per day can damage your blood vessels and contribute to ED.  Being even mildly intoxicated can also make it harder to achieve an erection and can interfere with sexual function.

Stop smoking.  Smoking narrows the blood vessels and decreases the levels of nitric oxide in your blood.  This decreases blood flow to the penis, worsening erectile dysfunction.

Get active.    Not only can adding regular exercises to your routine help you control your blood sugar levels, but it can also help improve circulation, lower stress levels and improve your energy levels and all these can help diminish ED and help bring your mojo back.

Get More Sleep.  Fatigue is often to blame for Sexual dysfunction.  Ensuring that you get enough sleep each night can also help lower your risk of ED

Keep your stress level down.  –  That is “Take it Easy”  Stress can interfere with sexual arousal and your ability to get an erection.  Exercise, meditation and setting aside time to do the things that you enjoy can help to keep your stress levels down and lessen ED.  If you are developing symptoms of anxiety or depression consult your doctor and they may be able to direct you to a therapist who can help you work through anything that is causing you stress.

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